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The Family Research Council held its Values Voters Summit over the weekend in which all of the 2012 GOP presidential candidates (with the exception of John Hunstman and Gary Johnson) spoke. On Saturday, a straw poll was conducted and Rep. Ron Paul won the straw poll with a commanding 37% of the vote beating out Herman Cain (23%) and Rick Santorum (16%). All the other candidates failed to break double digits.

Does this straw poll result get any media attention? Nope. A couple of weeks ago, Fox News and Townhall.com were gushing over Herman Cain’s dominating straw poll victory in Florida where he beat Mitt Romney and Rick Perry combined. This was breaking news! A new “top tier” candidate has emerged to give poor, beleaguered conservatives a serious option over moderate (liberal) Romney and conservative (moderate) Perry.

So, why does the Values Voters’ straw poll get little or no coverage in the mainstream media? The only conclusion is that Ron Paul won the straw poll. According to Tony Perkins, president of the FRC, Dr. Paul’s victory in Mr. Perkins own straw poll should be discounted. So, let me get this straight, if the candidate you don’t like wins your own straw poll, you can just call a “do-over?”

So what impropriety warrants invalidating the Values Voters’ straw poll results? According to Mr. Perkins, “Ron Paul bussed in over 600 people not to attend the conference but to hear his speech and vote.” First of all, there is no evidence that Ron Paul “bussed” these people in. Second, what’s the problem with people coming to a conference, paying the conference fee, listening to the person they came to hear, and leaving? These 600 people came the day that Ron Paul was scheduled to speak, heard his speech, voted in the straw poll, and left. Far from a sign of impropriety, this is a sign of devotion and determination from supporters of a particular candidate. That their support for Ron Paul doesn’t match with Mr. Perkins’, is no reason to invalidate the poll results.

This seems to be a pattern with media coverage of the Ron Paul campaign. When Dr. Paul wins a straw poll, the media either ignores him (as it did with the Ames straw poll) or dismisses the poll due to the gaggle of Ron Paul supporters that skew the results of the poll. Maybe these straw polls don’t mean much. OK, but why dismiss them because enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters show up to these “meaningless” events and proudly show their support for their candidate? Doesn’t enthusiastic support for a candidate mean anything? You don’t see this level of support for any other candidate in the GOP field.

Can we finally dispense, once and for all, with the notion that we have an objective media that simply reports the facts to the public? For years I knew that CBS, NBS, ABC, CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post had a liberal bias. These outlets of the “mainstream media” have been co-opted by progressive liberals for quite some time, and their obvious liberal bias is all too plain for any to see. However, I’m finding this to be true of Fox and conservative talk radio as well. All of these media outlets are more concerned with promoting an agenda than reporting the news. If they want to deal in commentary and opinion, fine; but stop pretending to be “fair and balanced.” The conservative media’s disdain for Dr. Paul is so blatantly obvious that they should be ashamed of themselves.

I don’t like being a “chicken little,” I really don’t, but we don’t have an objective media anymore. We essentially have Pravda. The two ruling parties have their media organs and they vie for power and control. The losers are we the people who buy into their propaganda and allow ourselves to be suckered into voting for yet another establishment candidate. Both liberal and conservative media massage the data to paint Dr. Paul in a less than favorable light or to dismiss his campaign all together. Why? Because Ron Paul is the only non-establishment candidate running in this election. Don’t let Pravda pick your candidate for you.