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Are you one of those American conservatives who listens to Ron Paul when he speaks on subjects such as economics, taxation, the Federal Reserves, and entitlements and thinks to himself, “You know this guys has some really radical and innovative ideas,” and then when he speaks on subjects like the War on Terror, foreign policy and militarism and goes, “This guy is a whacko! How could he want to bring the troops home? Doesn’t he know that we need to defend our freedoms and liberties?” If you are, then this video by Thomas Woods is for you. Please give this a listen. It’s only 9:00 long and it reveals that the history of conservative thought was non-interventionist like Ron Paul and that many of today’s conservatives are really neo-conservatives. We need to recapture the conservative movement for people who hold to the historic conservative ideals of individual liberty and free markets here at home and peace, trade and diplomacy abroad.

[youtube http://youtu.be/SLUoWhWsOWk]