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David Frum, in his latest article tries really hard to convince republican voters why they should embrace Mitt Romney as their candidate. Mitt Romney? Seriously? This is what happens when your main motivation in voting is to get the other guy out of office. We saw this in 2008 when people were so sick and tired of George W. Bush that the rallying cry was “anybody but Bush!” And what did we get? Mr. “Hope and Change” himself, Barrack Obama. A socialistic community organizer from Chicago who served one term as an Illinois senator and 2/3 of a term as a U.S. senator. A man whose ideology prevents him from embracing the obvious solutions to fix our country and who made a lot of promises during the campaign only to go on and break nearly every single one of them.

Frum wants us to embrace the same mentality, “Anybody but Obama!!!” And lo and behold, we get Mitt Romney. Romney will do absolutely nothing to repeal Obamacare, nor will he seriously take a look at the entitlement programs that are helping to bankrupt us. His ‘solutions’ to the economic problems we face will be tweaking at the edges, rather than serious reform. We need serious solutions, not band-aid solutions! Romney will just try as hard as he can to kick the can down to 2016.

How about this, republicans? Why not vote for a man who is suggesting REAL solutions to the REAL problems we face? A man who has stood on the principles of individual liberty, peace and free markets for his entire life. A man who understands the problems we face so much more than the “plastic men” (and women) we see on the stage. That man is Ron Paul! You can learn more about the man and his solutions here.