Here's an excerpt from Armstrong Williams' brilliant article:

What American government is supposed to do is give people a chance to take personal business risks, not protect them from risk. The government is not supposed to tell you to tighten your belt, then complain that you are not spending enough to help the economy while spending more money itself. It is supposed to encourage entrepreneurship and small businesses, while preventing big businesses from exploiting monopolies and running off to other countries and headquartering there. The GOP does this by championing the idea that the less money you pay to the government, the less government can interfere with your personal life. When given a blank check, governments attempt to reach into every facet of your life and make the decisions for you; it becomes a tyranny.

As I've often said, the more control we give to government, the less freedom we have. The biggest bargaining chip in this game of control is money. When the government can arbitrarily set the tax rates wherever they want, they exert a huge amount of control over our lives.