I just love Thomas Sowell. He has a way of putting today's issues in plain language that all can understand. In today's article on Townhall.com, Sowell equates congressional Democrats and Republicans to Lucy and Charlie Brown from the Peanuts cartoon strip. In particular, when playing football, Lucy would hold the ball for Charlie Brown to kick, then at the last minute remove the ball thus causing Charlie Brown to fall flat on his back.

Sowell's connection to Congress is this: Democrats spend and spend and spend. Republicans complain about deficits and debt. Democrats agree to work with Republicans to create a bipartisan package of tax hikes and spending cuts, and then at the last minute the spending cuts are removed from the bill leaving the Republicans holding the bag (filled with tax hikes). As Sowell says in his article, it leave Democrats in the roll of Santa Claus handing out government presents and Republicans in the role of mob enforcer, Frank Nitti.

The amazing thing isn't that Republicans keep falling for this con game, but that we, the voters, keep falling for it too! As Sowell writes:

When the Obama administration said that it could provide health insurance to millions of additional people without increasing the national debt, shouldn't common sense have told you that somebody was just insulting your intelligence?

When the two thousand page bill was rushed through Congress too fast for anybody to read it, shouldn't that have made you realize that you were being played for a sucker?

When this bill that was passed with lightning speed was scheduled to take effect only after the 2012 election, didn't that suggest that they didn't want you to find out how it works in practice in time to turn against Obama when he is up for reelection?

I have some ideas on how to answer Sowell's questions: We have become a nation who would rather have the handout than work for it ourselves. We have lost our collective will to take care of ourselves and now want the government to take care of us instead. How else to explain that about 50% of the country pays no real taxes (due to EIC, tax breaks and other tax rebates in the IRS tax code). When half the country has no "skin in the game" (to use an Obamaism), what incentive is there for them to cut government largess?