OK, I realize that the Stanley Cup playoffs are over and have been so for a couple of weeks, but I'm still on the championship 'high'. Being a Chicago native, you don't see world championships too often here. In fact, in my lifetime, here are the championships I've witnessed:

  • 2010 – Chicago Blackhawks (Hockey)
  • 2005 – Chicago White Sox (Baseball)
  • 1998 – Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
  • 1997 – Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
  • 1996 – Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
  • 1993 – Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
  • 1992 – Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
  • 1991 – Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
  • 1985 – Chicago Bears (Football)

In case you're wondering, I'm still waiting for the Cubs (102 years and counting…).

I am first and foremost a football fan. It was the Bear's playoff appearance in 1984 that turned me onto the team and I've been following them ever since. Baseball was my first love, but it has been such a disappointment being a Cubs fan that I can't deal with the heartache (1984, 1989, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2008). I have to say that I was more of a Michael Jordan fan than a basketball fan, but I did follow the Bulls throughout the championship seasons.

Hockey and I have a strange relationship. I have followed it in the past and I appreciate the sport, but because you couldn't watch home games on television in Chicago, it never really caught on. That's a shame, because in many ways, it is a great sport filled with lots of tradition. However, I have a feeling that this championship will mark the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship between me and hockey. With the change in management, the home games are now on local TV, and this group of players the Blackhawks have are an amazingly talented bunch! I look forward with much anticipation as the Blackhawks defend their title in October.