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As a Christian, I advocate a pro-life agenda. Not to say that all Christians are universally pro-life, but it is the majority report. I, of course, base my view not only on biblical arguments, but also in a belief of the sanctity of all life.

In an attempt to understand the pro-choice view better, I would like to ask an open question to all pro-choice advocates. Actually I want to ask a question to two different groups of pro-choice advocates.

If you are pro-choice and you believe that abortion is a legal right protected in our constitution, then I would ask the following question:

Upon what grounds do you support the woman’s right to choose over the life that she carries?

However, if you are pro-choice, but have a personal aversion to abortion (i.e., you are personally against it, but support the right of someone else to make that decision on their own), then I would ask this question:

How do you reconcile you personal feelings on abortion  with  the right of someone else to do something you find morally repugnant?

I am interested in polite, but vigorous discussion on this topic, so please weigh in with your comments. Keep in mind two suggestions before commenting:

  1. Please be polite. I know this topic is very emotional, but I am interested in dialogue, not condemnation
  2. Please keep you comments limited to the two questions listed above.

Thank you, and I look forward to the discussion!