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I came across this cool quote from Star Parker’s Townhall.com article entitled Racism and Obamacare:

What is new today is we can no longer continue the illusion of having our cake and eating it. We can no longer afford to be both a big government entitlement state and a free, creative, and prosperous nation. It’s the prosperity created by our freedom that has financed the entitlements. But now the entitlements are overtaking and strangling our freedom.

That’s an awesome quote, and boils this whole thing down to it’s essence. We are drowning in our own entitlement mess.

We have a choice to make. On the one hand, we can continue on this path toward socialism (and make no mistake, despite denials from the Obama Administration, that is precisely where we’re headed), OR we can go back to our free market, republican (the political concept, not the political party) roots that the Founding Fathers implemented. We can’t have both!

The problem as I see it is that we all want our government goodies until the government is picking our pockets to give goodies to our neighbors.