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I believe it was during the state of the union address that President Obama stated that jobs were his administration’s number one priority. That is commendable seeing that since he took office, unemployment has skyrocketed even beyond his overly optimistic predictions of 8%. Yet despite this promise from the president, he has been campaigning (yes, campaigning instead of governing) 24×7 for health care reform until its passage last week. Despite that anywhere between 55%-60% of the voting public didn’t want this overhaul, the president and his democratic allies in congress used every parliamentary trick to pass this monstrosity of a bill.

Despite the slight uptick on the president’s approval numbers, based on the fact that he actually accomplished something he set out to do, most Americans do not approve of the job he’s doing and they still don’t like this bill. So what’s the president’s next move? Is it something to jumpstart an already moribund economy and help create jobs? No, the next big legislative goal on the agenda is immigration reform (read “amnesty for illegal immigrants”).

My question is: Why is this the next move? The president has to recall that the last time this was broached, it split the country, so why attempt it now after a very partisan vote on healthcare? The cynical side of me thinks that if the president can get amnesty passed before November, he can help turn the anti-democrat sentiment that is currently building. If upwards of 20 million illegals suddenly get voting rights, who will they vote for? Democrats or Republicans?

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know what you think and why (but keep the comment civil and on point).