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Alex Brown sacks Brett Favre

According to the Chicago Bears website, the Bears are looking to shop veteran DE Alex Brown in the trade market. This is a move that, on the surface baffles me. While Alex Brown isn’t going to be confused with such greats as Reggie White or Bruce Smith, he has been a serviceable DE for the Bears since 2002. I know the Bears spent an awful lot of money signing Julius Peppers, but part of that has to be offset by letting Adewale Ogunleye go in free agency; so it’s a little hard to believe that Brown would be a salary cap casualty (especially since we’re going into an uncapped year in 2010).

The Bears seem to think that Mark Anderson, Israel Idonije and 2009 rookies Jarron Gilbert and Henry Melton will be able to serve as an adequate bookend to Peppers. I, humbly, beg to differ. Peppers is going to garner double teams wherever he lines up, so the opposite end has to be able to get to the QB with some regularity. Given a choice between Alex Brown and the other options, I’m going to pick Brown 10 times out of 10.

Perhaps there’s a reason beyond the obvious behind this decision. What do you all think?