The Apostle Paul on Mars Hill

Welcome to my new blog called The Areopagus! My first WordPress blog, New Creation Person, is my theology and apologetics blog. The content there is devoted to exploring the riches of Reformed Theology and its impact on the new life in Christ.

Here at The Areopagus, the content will be much more wide ranging. As the subtitle suggests, “Musing on Theology, Sports, Culture, Politics, and Life in General.” Read the About page for a slightly more detailed description of what you will see on The Areopagus. Articles here will generally be shorter (as opposed to the longer articles found on New Creation Person) and will utilize more multi-media (audio and video). Essentially, anything that doesn’t fit into a detailed theological or apologetic discussion will be posted here.

My hope is that The Areopagus will be a true place of discussion, as such I will try to gear the articles here to be more conducive to discussion and dialogue.

So please join me in the discussions here on The Areopagus!